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As an advisor, your clients trust you to deliver sound guidance and strategies to help them achieve their financial objectives. To do that, you have to provide holistic advice that touches on all areas of their financial picture — including tax planning and accounting.

From a compliance perspective, however, offering tax advice can be a thorny proposition, and many advisors avoid it as a result. Unfortunately, that means clients have to find a tax planner on their own and coordinate things between different professionals who are each managing one aspect of their financial lives, which can negatively impact the overall client experience.

But there’s good news: you’re not alone.

How we can help

By working with Connectus Accountants, you gain access to tax and accounting specialists who can serve as a resource to support you and your clients.


At Connectus Accountants, we believe a team-based approach is the best way to deliver for the client. We work closely with you to get a complete understanding of each client’s wealth management strategy and long-term financial plan, so we can build a personalised recommendation that meets their unique needs.


As your clients’ go-to financial professional, you can determine the level of direct involvement we have with clients. Whether you need us to sit down with a client for a comprehensive tax review or you just need us to double-check a planning strategy for any potential tax hiccups, we’re here to support you however you need us.


Your clients are placing their financial futures in your hands. We know that’s a big responsibility. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability, so you can feel confident that the advice and support we deliver is what’s best for your clients.

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