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Discover a more connected approach to tax management.

Your tax strategy is a key piece of your wealth management strategy. We created Connectus Accountants to help bring your tax planning, liability management, and compliance into the financial plan created by your wealth advisor. When that happens, efficiencies are created and new insights are uncovered that can have a meaningful impact on your long-term financial plan.

What you can expect

Our process helps ensure that your tax plan is supporting your larger wealth management strategy.

Connect with your wealth advisor

The more complex your financial life is, the greater your need is for thoughtful tax advice. Whether you own a business or manage your personal finances, one thing is certain: taxes will have a significant impact on your success and you will want to connect with your wealth advisor.

Gather Critical Documents

Your next step is to gather all of the documents that make up your financial life. For most people, this will include statements from their investment accounts and any private investments. For business owners, this process may be more in-depth and will cover documents related to any businesses and cash flows from those businesses.

We analyse your current financial picture

With your key documents in hand, we work to analyse your complete tax picture. This portion of our work involves us working closely with your wealth advisor, who has a deep understanding of your long-term goals and objectives.

We Provide Recommendations

Next, we will provide comprehensive recommendations that can help you and your family be most efficient with the taxes that you pay. This includes a detailed look at your current tax picture and any recommended adjustments that could optimise your strategy.

Implement Strategy

Working in tandem with your wealth advisor, we implement the strategy on your behalf and keep you informed at each step of the process.

Monitor and Refine

Over time, your financial life and your goals will change. For this reason, Connectus Accountants will work with your wealth advisor to continually monitor and refine your plan as needed.

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